Strathclyde University examination

The Strathclyde University Exam will still be going ahead this year.

Due to the online nature of COVID and schools working from home, the process will be as follows:

  • Strathclyde University will make contact directly with each Centre Lead to find out which schools wish to participate.
  • Strathclyde University e-mail the exam to the schools with template answer booklet (with the cover page) and instructions.
  • If schools are back to in-person learning, the exams can be taken on computers whilst supervised. Otherwise, the University will trust students to complete the work independently from home.
  • Once completed the schools upload their student’s papers to a secure Sharefolder which will be created by the University.
Exam periodMonday 15th February to Friday 26th February
Answer books to be uploaded to Sharedrive byFriday 5th March
Marking periodWednesday 10th March to Wednesday 31th March
Markers to return scripts byMonday 5th April
Results to be finalised & released & Certificates issuesWeek beginning 26th April