Best Company Award

Best Company Award in Lothian Area 2021-2022

For 2021-2022, the Lothian Area Team will operate a slightly amended scoring system for the “Best Company in Lothian” award. Details are given below and the Area Team hopes that Link Teachers and Business Advisers will support this initiative again. Please note that this will fully depend on any Covid restrictions being in place. 

The competition element of the company programme is still very much secondary to the students’ learning experience. The Area Team’s objective is to encourage and reward participation in the whole programme however we felt that the previous allocation of points placed a disproportionate importance on some of the activities towards the end of the year events. We have reviewed this scoring system over the last few months and plan to allocate points to the various stages of the Young Enterprise year as we ultimately want to reward those who can demonstrate their learning throughout the process. All four elements of the competition (Christmas Market, Company Report, Interview and Final Presentation) have now been given equal importance. We also feel the students overall experience will be greatly enhanced by having at least one representative attend each of the training sessions so we have allocated a small number of bonus points for companies who are present at these events.

For the 2019-2020 year the points will be allocated as follows:

Training day attendance     –    15 Points
Business Adviser / Link Teacher training day attendance  –     5 Points
Christmas Market     –     up to 25 Points
Company Report     –     up to 25 Points
Interview     –     up to 25 Points
Presentation     –    up to  25 Points
One minute Video – up to 10 points
Total     –     up to a maximum of 130 Points

To reiterate the point, the students’ learning experience remains the key objective of the company programme and we hope the changes that we have kept to the scoring this year will better support that objective.