Payment of YE Wind up fee

Statement of Taxation Liabilities

The end of year accounts form calculates YE Wind Up fee that your company owes to Young Enterprise. The total is shown in the “Total Wind Up fee” box. You will need to fill in your company address at the top and and get this form signed and dated. Unless you are  advised of alternative local arrangements for collection of the taxes please send the form with a a cheque to cover the total to Young Enterprise Scotland and made payable to Young Enterprise Scotland.  

YE Wind up Fee is a tax on the company’s profits and is calculated at the rate of 20% on  the net profit of the company, as indicated in the final Profit & Loss Account Your YE Wind Up fee payments are very important to Young Enterprise Scotland as part of these funds will provide students next year with the experience you have enjoyed. As Young Enterprise Scotland is a charity these payments are an essential part of its charitable income.
Cheque(s) to be sent to the following address with a copy of the form showing the company name, school, etc. 
Young Enterprise Scotland, Rouken Glen Centre, Rouken Glen Park, Thornliebank, Glasgow, G46 7UG
On receipt of the cheque(s) the Young Enterprise ROA database will be updated which will allow the Lothian area to see which companies have paid, how much, prior to end of the company programme.