Lothian participation question – update

We now have 11 schools in Lothian taking part in the YE programme. Although this is well below our usual number it’s actually more than any of the other Scottish areas which demonstrates the impact of Covid-19. We were expecting the numbers to fall and a huge thank you to those of you who are able to support teams this year with all the other pressures that you are facing. Please know that if you are unable to take part in the YE programme that’s absolutely fine we hope to see you next year and frankly I’m delighted that even 11 schools have registered.

As the programme has been centralised this year there’s not a lot we can do at a local level but we will ensure you have business advisors and regular updates with particular attention to an awards event in March which I do hope we can run locally.

One question – could you reply to the email recently sent out to all Link Teachers asking if you ARE taking part in the programme, even if you haven’t registered a team yet, and ideally by this Friday 25 Sept. I know some of you have said yes already but replying to the email will keep all the information in one place for me, and I’d really appreciate that!

Once I have firm numbers we can look at what the Lothian Team can do to help you. 

If I don’t get a reply to this email (I won’t be offended 🙂 )  I’ll just assume your school is not taking part this year.

Many thanks to every one of you.


Lothian Chair