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Young Enterprise – can you run a business?

Young Enterprise –  Can you run a business?  Our first programme launch event last year was a huge success and we are making this year’s even better with a full day of business activities and learning for students and teachers alike, arranged by Young Enterprise Lothian and jointly hosted with Royal Bank of Scotland.

Depending on what Covid restrictions are in August, then this event might go ahead and will include workshops on building your team, fundraising, selling, building a brand, business ideas, producing your video, Christmas Market and the war room is back! We have guest speakers and entrepreneurs talking about their business experiences, you’ll meet the judges, meet other schools – the competition.
It’s a full-on event with refreshments and lunch. 

Attached is a copy of the Day Plan showing everything that’s going to be happening. Could you please print out a copy to give to your teams and encourage them to read it carefully.

They should consider which workshops they plan to attend and when, all are repeated on the day and they need to attend as many as possible, ideally all. Splitting up is the only way to achieve this! Some advance thinking will allow them to book spaces as soon as they arrive. 

Can you also please ask your teams to register at the event by Wednesday of this week to give us time to arrange the catering (we don’t want to waste food)  and print security passes to speed up entry. Also remember to register a ticket in your own name.

Please encourage as many students to attend as possible. We now know the number of teams taking part and we can accommodate more than 4 students per team. A lot of work goes into organising the day, all by volunteers in the Lothian team and all for the benefit of the students. I’m not sure many of the students realise this!

A link to Eventbrite will be available here. 

Looking forward to a great day with you and your teams.

Please see the notes for the Launch event below –

Can you run a business flyer 2019

Also details of the specific workshops that are being held and the times. Please can each team make sure that they cover the various workshops so that they brief their team members at a later date. 

Don’t miss it!
We hope to see all link teachers, business advisers along with as many Young Enterprise students as possible. 

We have more schools taking part than ever before, making the 2019/20 challenge all the more competitive and the day aims to give students a level playing field and the best start possible to the competition. Missing the day can place teams at a disadvantage – this will be the only training event being held in the Lothian area.