Awards Evening

Updated results of the 2020 Awards Evening are now available below Director and Company awards 2020.  

The Lothian Area winning company – Tartan Texts have had an article printed in their local Linlithgow magazine. Please see the information below –  

Awards Evening Resources

Criteria for Best Company 

Your company report must be created using the online report platform on the YEUK website here. This allows you to enter information then generate and submit the PDF report electronically. This is the only permitted way to create and submit the report.

Please see the Criteria for best company 2020 above whi9ch gives you full details about the company report, interview and presentations along with Frequently asked Questions. 

What information will you need?

  • An Overview of your Student Company including mission, goals, values and a summary of performance.
  • You will then be asked to include more in-depth information about:
  • The Enterprise
  • Running your Enterprise
  • Impact and Legacy of your Enterprise
  • Your Team Journey
  • Financial Performance (including your balance sheet and profit and loss accounts)


The COTY sample report gives you details of what is required in your team’s company report for this year. Please note that the file you MUST use is available via the YEUK online system using your login and password.  

Awards Night Entry Form

Awards Night Programme

Succeeding at the Young Enterprise Company Interview
How to Succeed at your Young Enterprise Company Interview

Awards Night – Presentation information
Awards night presentations – hints and tips
Awards night presentations – Cheat Sheet

Video Creation Instructions 
Teams must submit a one-minute video highlighting the overall “who, what, and why” and submitted via email ( by the deadline of the 31st January. The details regarding the video are your team’s choice. It should have a start, a middle and an end and if you use a storyboard this will help.  
The goal of this video is to provide further insight into the actual working of your venture and hopefully to give judges the opportunity to see your product in action, either through footage of the prototype with explanations, the business model, the problems, sales & marketing etc. We certainly encourage creativity but please be aware of the time limit (judges will view no more than 1 minute). At minimum, please use this video to answer the following questions, in addition to any other relevant information: 
• What is your product / service? 
• What did you do to market your product?
• How did the sales of the product(s) do?
• What were your learning points of the taking part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme? 
Judges will not score this video by the quality of camera or footage but rather by the clear explanation and showing of the “who, what, and why” of one’s venture. Cell phone camera, webcam, etc. all provide acceptable video quality.