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Christmas Market

The amended Christmas Market table layout has been uploaded to the website here. For the 26 teams that have entered could you please arrange to arrive at the Eric Liddell Centre after 9am however before the 10am opening. All other Christmas Market information documentation is available here. There is a lot of information about location, judging criteria, display stand criteria etc.

Registration fee £100

Please note that there has only been 25 Young Enterprise teams that have paid the £100 registration fee. Please note that the companies that have not paid do not have insurance and cannot sell any products until payment is received by YE Scotland Head Office. Could we please urgently ask that all teams now arrange to make the £100 payment urgently. Please note that teams that have not paid cannot enter the Christmas Market.

Many thanks.

SCQF qualification

Do you know that Company Programme now has a qualification at SCQF Level 6 worth between 26-30 credit points? If you would like your students to take part in this qualification, please find the relevant  document which outlines the steps required to get registered on the Lothian website – here
Also available is the Student Guidance document for Unit 1 so that they can start to collate the evidence! – here
For any support or questions regarding the SCQF qualification, please e-mail

Product Approval Form

There are still 8 companies that have not completed this form. Please note that before any company starts manufacturing their idea / product, they MUST complete the Online Product Approval form which is available on the YEUK website here. You will need your login details. The Product Approval guidance notes are available here. The company MUST not proceed with their chosen product until the approval form has been given the green light to proceed. This process may take up to 5 working days.