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Young Enterprise Scotland virtual Company Programme launch & workshop information – update

If you missed out on yesterday’s virtual Company Programme launch, you can find it over on the YouTube page here.

Young Enterprise Scotland is delighted to announce our first Company Programme online training session will be delivered by the RBS Dream Bigger team focusing on “Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset”. The session is designed to help Company Programme students understand the power of their thoughts and develop self-awareness.

These nine online interactive workshops, taking place between 8th – 24th September, will be delivered between 4-5pm each day via Microsoft Teams. Students can participate individually at home, or as a group from one device in school. If participating individually, students will need to complete the form (booking is now open here) separately. Links will be sent out in advance via e-mail for each session. Students only need to attend one workshop, and teams can split participation over several sessions. I would strongly encourage every student to participate in these great sessions.

Next Digital Training Session

The next digital training session will be from The Marketing Society on Tuesday 6th October. This will be a pre-recorded session that will go live at 5pm on our YouTube Channel. This session will cover What Is Marketing?, The Importance of creating a strong and consistent brand, and creating a strong digital presence.

Lothian participation question – update

We now have 11 schools in Lothian taking part in the YE programme. Although this is well below our usual number it’s actually more than any of the other Scottish areas which demonstrates the impact of Covid-19. We were expecting the numbers to fall and a huge thank you to those of you who are able to support teams this year with all the other pressures that you are facing. Please know that if you are unable to take part in the YE programme that’s absolutely fine we hope to see you next year and frankly I’m delighted that even 11 schools have registered.

As the programme has been centralised this year there’s not a lot we can do at a local level but we will ensure you have business advisors and regular updates with particular attention to an awards event in March which I do hope we can run locally.

One question – could you reply to the email recently sent out to all Link Teachers asking if you ARE taking part in the programme, even if you haven’t registered a team yet, and ideally by this Friday 25 Sept. I know some of you have said yes already but replying to the email will keep all the information in one place for me, and I’d really appreciate that!

Once I have firm numbers we can look at what the Lothian Team can do to help you. 

If I don’t get a reply to this email (I won’t be offended 🙂 )  I’ll just assume your school is not taking part this year.

Many thanks to every one of you.


Lothian Chair

2020/21 Company Programme

The 20/21 programme launched on 1 Sept with a video on YouTube. The content will include welcome talks, information about the year ahead, interviews with last year’s Scottish winners and alumni and a workshop from the RBS Dream Bigger programme. If you miss it, the video will be available on YouTube as will all programme videos throughout the year.
Registration is now open.
The SCQF accreditation will run as per last year. Taking part is not mandatory but it does lead towards a level 6 qualification.

Online workshops will be run in the first week of Oct, Nov and Dec, subjects include digital presence, marketing, leadership skills, branding and mindset training. All will be available on YouTube. I am aware many schools don’t allow access to YouTube in school.

Ye Online has been simplified to ease navigation. 

A new and improved YE Trading Station is due to go live at the end of August and will be the only online trading platform available to students. Using others eg eBay invalidates the programme insurance.

The Scottish final will be a virtual event again in 2021.

A series of UK wide online competitions and campaigns will be run on social media platforms; My Skills, Best Brand, Trade Fairs, Meet the Board, Best Advert and Sustainable Business award. An example of this is My Skills where students will be asked to produce a 1-minute video and upload it to Twitter #MySkills.

There are no plans yet for Christmas Markets, probably an extension of the YE Trading Station unless Covid restrictions allow local walk-in events to take place. 

We have updated the Student Timeline with as much information as possible and will update the information as soon as we receive any more information relating to the Company Programme. Please keep checking the Lothian website for updates. Thank you.